Office Help

Logging In

    If you believe that you are an authorized user, and you are unable to log in using method 1 below, please contact your system administrator.

  1. Office 365 login portal: this method is available to all users who have been authorized to view content on the APP Office Intranet. If you have an email address that ends in"" it is likely that this method will work for you. This method is recommended to all users.
  2. Username/Password pair: this method is likely only available to you if you are a content manager—i.e., you have been designated as the individual who will control what is displayed on one or more department tiles. This method is not recommended.
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Content Tile Layout

    Tile Layout

    Tiles refer to the blocks that hold content for departments. Pictured below are the Content Tiles corresponding to the departments "Office" and "Recruitment."

  1. Titles of departments are listed at the top of each tile.
  2. The name of the content manager for a department will appear at the top of each tile. If you are the content manager for a department, [Add Content] and [Edit Content] will appear at the top instead.
  3. Each department has one or more category(s) where content lives.
  4. The icons indicate a website link that will open in a new tab.
  5. Other icons (, , , , , ) indicate a file that will download when clicked.
  6. Clicking Expand will make the tile as large as necessary to view all content in the tile. If some content is cut off or invisible, click Expand.
  7. Phonebook

  8. The search bar at the top is for contact information of office staff. Type one or more name(s), number(s), extension(s), part(s) of a name, part(s) of a number, and press the Enter key to search the directory for contact information of staff that meet the search criteria.
  9. The "Download Phonebook" links to a printable Excel document listing all contact information for office staff.
  1. Each department tile has a at the top. Click it to view contact information for staff belonging to the indicated department.
  2. Navbar Dropdown Menu

  3. The dropdown menu button displays the username of the currently logged in user. Click to access the options outlined below.
  4. The "Help" link brings up this document.
  1. Content managers will have access to the administrator page. Depending on assigned permissions, they may perform numerous administrative tasks here.
  2. Click here to log out (or log in). You will be directed to the login page afterword.
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Adding Content

    Web and File Content Forms

    Clicking [Add Content] on one of the tiles pictured in the previous section will expand the tile and show you two options: [Website Link] and [File Download]. Pictured below are those options side-by-side.

  1. [Website Link] allows you to create a hyperlink to open a webpage in a new tab. When a new Website Link is created, it will be displayed on the tile for any future visitors of the Tile Content page.
  2. [File Download] allows you to upload a file which can later be downloaded by other users. When a new File Download is created, it will be displayed as a link on the tile for any future visitors of the Tile Content page.
  3. Web and File Content Fields

  4. Link text is the text that appears in blue. This is the text you click to activate a link. For example, if I want to create a new link to, I might use "APP website" as my link text, and, once created, my new link would appear on the tile as
     APP Website.
  5. Department designates which department the content belongs to. New content added under "Office" will appear on the Office tile.
  1. Category specifies which heading content will appear under in a given tile. Check item 3 of Content Tile Layout above if you are still unsure of what "Category" refers to.
  2. Visibility rank is a rank designating how near the top of a tile content should be. The lower the rank, the more visible content will be. For example, content with Visbility rank 1 will appear near the top of a tile (with other rank 1's or lower), and content with Visbility rank 10 will appear somewhere below that.
  1. Link url is the full "web address" (including protocol http or https) of linked content. For example, if I were making a link to Google, the Link url would be "".
  2. File is the file to be uploaded.
  3. File type is the extension of the file to be uploaded. You can ignore this field.
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Editing Content

Clicking [Edit Content] on one of the tiles pictured in the previous section will expand the tile and show you two options next to each content item: [Edit] and [Delete]. Pictured is an [Edit Content] view.

These forms are exactly the same as the forms for Adding Content above. Note that editing file content requires you to re-upload the file in question.

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